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Once again guitar buddies Frank Bailey & Jerry Webb (from Broken Glass band and pals from way back..) teamed up in 2017 and decided to go through the audition process of putting together yet another rock band. 

Spending several months auditioning members for a rhythm section they set out first to find a drummer to set the beat, since either Frank or Jerry could fill in as bassist temporarily, getting that perfect fit on drums was essential before having a bassist. After a dozen auditions their 1st drummer was in place. 

Next step was to find a bassist. After a couple dozen bass players later through the studio door enters Adam Roman and his fretless Fender bass and immediately the connection was made. Unfortunately though with Adam's perfect sense for timing and meter it was soon realized that the current drummer would not work.


The only answer to the call for the perfect drummer was for Frank to contact Don Hammer, a drummer he'd played with in his previous rock band, Broken Glass II. When Don and Adam played together that first session the connection was made and the perfect rhythm section was in place. Together the 4 members decided that they would need to add a 5th member, a Lead Vocalist, to get the project to the next Level, which they happened to tag this objective to be known as LEVEL V. 

Hence the name for the Project was born, Welcome to LEVEL V.


With the final 5th piece of the puzzle still missing, once again the search was on, a search that wound up taking several vocalist's auditions, with a few even put to work on the material but only to turn out not to be the right fit. After countless failed Vocal auditions and a few temporary members Jim Carollo came to the studio and sang his heart out for the band and became lucky #7 Vocalist / Front-man for the rock show of LEVEL V... and the story continues from there (surely to be updated in the future)

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What Inspires Us


Despite sharing many of the same interests and pastimes, we all are inspired by different things that lead us to work seamlessly in a creative setting. We take our music serious but set out to enjoy working together as a priority. So the time and effort we are investing in working through the music is displayed in each song we play together as a band.

Our Influences


With the diverse musical history of each member of the band coming to terms with song selection proved to be quite a feat in itself. We can however say that the music that has been selected was chosen from several intra-genres of rocks great songs and the artists that we enjoy listening to, which we have combined in a playlist that allows us to create our unique sound within the soundscape of this music.

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